Why join the New Hampshire Court Reporters Association?


Under RSA:310-A:161-181, all licensed court reporters are required to accrue 3.0 CEUs every three years (30 hours.) As a member of NHCRA, you’ll be offered seminars and reduced registration fees to fulfill your educational requirements.


You’ll have access to our “Members Only” section on our web site where you can view meeting minutes, annual meeting information and other valuable resources.


NHCRA advocates on behalf of our profession. We work with our state legislature, NCRA, and other organizations to protect and promote our livelihood!


NHCRA puts you in touch with your colleagues through NHCRA seminars offered throughout the year.

Types of Membership

  • Professional Court Reporter – $50.
    Any person who holds a valid license as a stenotype or voice reporter, as defined under RSA 310 A:161-RSA 310-A:181, shall be eligible thereby as a professional member of the Association. (NOTE:  Only Professional members are eligible to vote or hold an elective office) 
  • Regular Member – $50
    Any person who meets one or more of the following requirements shall be eligible to apply as a regular member.
    1.  Any person who is an official, legislative, or freelance court reporter not licensed by the State of New Hampshire.
    2.  Any person who is a participating or registered member of the National Court Reporters Association.
  • Associate Member – $25 per year
    Any person or entity interested in the preservation, support and advancement of the field of verbatim stenographic
    reporting, but not in any way actively engaged in the verbatim stenographic reporting of proceedings, who is not
    otherwise eligible for membership, shall be eligible to become an associate member. 
  • Retired Member – no dues
    Any member of the Association in good standing, upon retiring from the active practice of shorthand reporting, may become, subject to the approval of the Executive Board, a retired member.
  • Student Member – $5 per year
    Any student enrolled in a stenotype reporting course may
    apply for student membership in this association.

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Online Membership Application

  • Donate to NHCRA for legislative activities. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions; they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.
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