New Hampshire Licensing Requirements for Court Reporters

Legislation was enacted effective July 1, 2007, to create the Board of Court Reporters under the Joint Board of Licensure and Certification, now known as Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC).

Effective May 1, 2008, the New Hampshire Board of Court Reporters adopted Administrative Rules governing the practice of Court Reporting in New Hampshire. Legislation and adoption of the Administrative Rules transfers authority over the practice of court reporting in New Hampshire from the Superior court to the Board of Court Reporters under the OPLC.

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Licensure Requirements Excerpts

310-A:168 License Required. – Any person engaging in, offering to engage in, or appearing to engage in court reporting shall hold a valid license issued under this subdivision, designating the method by which the reporter is licensed to practice.

310-A:169 Requirements for Licensure. The board shall issue a license to any qualified applicant who meets the standards established under this subdivision and who holds one of the following titles:

I. Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), from National Court Reporters Association; or

II. Certified Voice Reporter (CVR), from National Verbatim Reporters Association.

310-A:170 Qualifications for Applicant for Licensing. The board shall consider any applicant for licensing who has:

I. Applied for licensing;

II. Paid the fee required by this subdivision; and

III. Submitted proof satisfactory to the secretary that he or she:

(a) Is not less than 18 years of age;

(b) Is a citizen of the United States or legally able to work;

(c) Is of good moral character; and

(d) Has a high school education, or the equivalent thereof, as defined by the department of education.

Administrative Rule Excerpts


Rep 304.01 License. An applicant for licensure as a court reporter, who has satisfactorily met all the requirements of RSA 310-A and who has paid all of the fees, shall be issued a license by the board. The licensee shall be issued a license authorizing the practice of court reporting that shall show the full name of the licensee, shall have a serial number, and shall be signed by members of the board.

Rep 304.02 Pocket Cards. Biennially, the board shall issue a licensure card, numbered to correspond with the court reporter’s assigned number to each licensed court reporter upon renewal of the license. The card shall certify that the court reporter holds a license in good standing and is authorized to practice as a court reporter to the date of expiration as shown on the card.

Rep 304.03 Licensed Court Reporter Seal/Stamp/License Number.

(a) The board shall upon issuance of a license to an applicant as a licensed court reporter require the licensee to acquire an impression type seal or rubber stamp of the design approved by these rules and submit the seal to the board for approval.

This seal shall bear the licensee’s name and number as shown on the license. This seal shall be affixed on all transcripts, and reports prepared by the licensee, and shall indicate the reporting method utilized as defined in RSA 310-A:162.

(b) The seal shall consist of 2 concentric circles with the outer circle having a diameter of 1- 9/16 inches
and the inner circle diameter of 15/16 inches. In the space between the circles, the top shall be the words “Licensed Court Reporter” and at the bottom “State of New Hampshire.” In the space inside the inner circle shall be the full name of the licensee and the license number written horizontally, and the reporting method utilized.

(c) The stamping or sealing of any documents by the licensee with the licensee’s seal after the license has expired, has been suspended, revoked or surrendered voluntarily shall be a violation of these rules. The stamping or sealing of any documents by the licensee not prepared by the licensee personally or under the licensee’s direct supervision shall be a violation of these rules.

(d) The board shall upon issuance of a license to an applicant as a licensed court reporter require that the licensee shall display their license number on any transcripts, business cards and other information made available to the public by the licensee.

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